About Us

Committed to the development of industry

Petroquímica Río Tercero (PR3) is a pioneering company in the country in the production and commercialization of chemical and petrochemical products, supplying more than 16 industries.

Throughout four decades of experience and development, we have implemented several expansion strategies, focusing on customer needs in order to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that suit the ever-changing market demands.

PR3 was founded in 1974 as a joint venture by the integration of YPF, Atanor and Fabricaciones Militares. In 1981 the Río Tercero facility was completed, becoming a pioneer in the country in the production of toluene diisocyanate (TDI) for the manufacture of flexible polyurethane foam.

In the mid-1990’s it was acquired by a private company with 100% national capital and the leader of the local market.

The constant implementation of programs to improve the productivity and quality of the processes led to the increase of the productive capacity in tons by 75% in 2006, therefore allowing the expansion towards regional markets, with a strong focus on added value and long-term sustainability.

Our Vision

We focus on the quality and diversification of our products and market segments, integrating services and solutions to expand towards new local and regional markets, to "become the industry of all industries".

Our Mission

To be the preferred regional supplier, manufacturing and commercializing products and services that find application in a variety of industries, focusing on added value and long-term sustainability of the business.

Our Values

We act transparently and responsibly to foster growth and achieve the best results, honoring the commitments assumed.

We strictly respect the processes, standards, and procedures that prevail in our industry, and we embrace the diversity of ideas and opinions to create a healthy collaborative culture.

Resilient Spirit
We are entrepreneurs, adapting to different contexts and scenarios to strengthen our leadership.

We seek continuous improvement and the highest quality in each of the areas in which we operate in order to deliver outstanding products, services, and business results, while creating a positive impact on our society.

Consumer orientation
We actively listen to our customers to put their needs first, offering better experiences and added value in our products and services, aligning our business goals with theirs.

Sharing experiences, knowledge and efforts are at the heart of our practices to reach our goals, in an environment that promotes mutual empowerment, boosting each other’s full potential.


In a globalized market, we constantly seek to remain competitive, balancing economic growth with social welfare and the protection of the environment, respecting and caring for the context in which we operate, and creating value for all the parties involved.